The player will encounter dangerous meteors on his or her journey to distant planets. These meteors are shown with the target number, which is pattern-generated, and moves towards the player by a timer. In order to match the target number, one number is given for the arithmetic equation. The player’s task is to select a number (1 to 9) from the number wheel repository and combine that number with the given number using an arithmetic operator (plus, minus or multiply) with the Kinect gesture tracking. If the combined number matches the target number, the meteor will be destroyed and the points will be given based on the remaining time.

Goal (description)

combine numbers through arithmetic operations, practice cognitive arithmetic and challenge, problem-solving skills

Provider/ Suite: Elwin Lee


Skill Domain: Academic & cognitive skills

Subject : Mathematics


Special needs / School ages : Primary school 


Language: English


 Non-commercial Creative Commons Licence: Free download.


Equipment: Kinect camera


System Requirement: Two versions: a) Kinect v2 and b) Kinect v1