Uni paca girl


Help children improve the skills of eye-hand concentration, visual perception, motor planning and execution. The game is designed 
so that a child is asked to make horizontal/vertical/diagonal movements by driving a “girl” along related paths

Goal (description)

Eye-hand concentration, visual perception, motor planning and execution


Altanis, G., Boloudakis, M., Retalis, S., & Nikou, N. (2013). Children with Motor Impairments Play a Kinect Learning Game: First Findings from a Pilot Case in an Authentic Classroom Environment. J Interact Design Architect, 91–104.

Provider/ Suite: M4ALL



Skill Domain: Motor-sensory & cognitive skills



Special needs / School ages: Primary school


Language: EnglisEquipment



Equipment: Kinect


System Requirement :UPC: Dual-Core 2.66Ghz Graphic card ATI / NVidia PCI-Express de 256MB OpenGL 2.0 Memory: 2GB RAM Disk space 434 Mb USB 2.0 . Kinect XBOX/Windows