Teacher Professional Development Model

The aim of the INTELed training is to advance the knowledge of in-service SEN teachers, on the use of multi-sensory and embodied technologies in terms of learning and assessment. This will be achieved by building on practical experience rather than on theoretical knowledge.

The INTELed training of in-service SEN teachers will combine modern ICT learning methods and assessment techniques with multi-sensory practices. The major concept is to provide teachers with the necessary skills that will help them integrate the multisensory and embodied technologies in their educational practices.


Teachers as learners:

During this stage teachers are introduced to the INTELed’s philosophy. In particular, this stage includes teachers’ familiarization with the notion of embodied cognition through the use of interactive and multi-sensory techniques for addressing the needs of Special Education (SEN) children.


Teachers as teachers:

 During this stage, teachers are introduced to INTELed  educational resources.


Teachers as innovators:

This is the stage where teachers’ pilots take place in schools. During this stage, teachers will be asked to enact the INTELed educational resources in their classroom settings.


Teachers as reflective practitioners:

During this stage teachers will be invited to reflect on their pilots as well as to share their experiences with their colleagues.