Shape game – Polimi Games


Children have to replicate a particular shape shown on screen using their body. The main goals of this game is to promote the following skills: identification of the correlation between the body and the shown image; body awareness and limits; body consciousness in the space; abstraction ability; imitative skills and motor control auto-regulation.

Provider/ Suite: M4ALL


Skill Domain: Cognitive & motor-sensory skills


Special needs / School ages: Primary school


Language: English, Spanish


Cost: Free download


Equipment: Kinect camera


System Requirement : CPU: Intel i3 / AMD A6 Memory: 4 Gb RAM Hard drive: 1Gb of free space Graphics hardware: Geforce 210 / AMD HD 5450 with 1GB RAM and DirectX 11.0 compatible Sound hardware: Integrated soundboard MS Kinect sensor: Kinect for Windows TM