The “Seishin” game aims at the stimulation of the senses via melody production and allows free motion-based interaction with musical strings without the existence of rules or the demand for intellectual functioning. 

It provides socialization opportunity for up to three children who can simultaneously interact with the musical strings and produce melodies. The teacher can set up the scene so that 1 to3 rows of musical strings could appear thus configuring the number of audiovisual stimuli.

Goal (description)

The ultimate goal is to promote a sense of enjoyment and a relief from tension and pressure, with consequent improvement in general behavior. This game could be used for increasing attention and higher rates of positive emotion as well as an introductory activity for children

to understand the motion-based interaction and how a direct movement of the child can affect a virtual object (in the case of avatar).

Provider/ Suite: Kinems


Skill Domain: Motor-sensory  & Socio-emotional skills


Special needs / School ages: 4 to 8 years old


Language: English, Greek, and Spanish


Cost: Paid


Equipment: Kinect camera


System Requirement: Kinect for Windows sensor
Windows 7 or newer operating system
Dual-core 2 GHz or faster processor
1 GB free disk space
Dedicated USB 2.0 bus
External graphics card (preferred)