It is with great joy that we welcome you to the second edition of the INTELed newsletter!
The project has now successfully concluded its first year, with the finalization of INTELed Teacher Professional
Development Programme (TPD) in the four partner countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain). During theTPD programme, the participating INTELed teachers had the opportunity to attend a serious of training events that helped them to acquire knowledge and skills about the use of multisensory and embodied learning technologies for addressing the needs of Special Education Need (SEN) children in inclusive education contexts.
As part of the INTELed, an online Community of Practice (CoP) was launched to facilitate communication and collaboration among the participating SEN teachers and other interested stakeholders. In particular, all SEN teachers involved in the INTELed training were invited to join the platform together with the members of the consortium. This effort has encouraged collaboration and communication amongst all participating teachers to share materials and resources beyond what is offered on the INTELed website (i.e., training materials etc.),
share reflections and experiences from their school pilots that are currently in progress, and engage in dialog
that supports ongoing professional development.

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