State of the art on teachers’ education and training

The focus of O1 is to define a pedagogical framework for SEN education driven by theories of embodied cognition and kinesthetic learning. The aim is to provide SEN teachers with knowledge and skills about the use of interactive ICT multi-sensory techniques oriented to SEN children with a focus on inclusive education.

The product provides an overview of current practices on in-service teacher training, and how teacher training covers the needs of SEN children, analyzing the situation in the countries of the INTELed partners: Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain.

After a general overview of how special education has been included into mainstream education at an international level, this report presents the analysis of SEN teacher training in each one of the participants’ countries. It describes the context of teachers’ education and an overview of the main disabilities reported in that country.


Specification of the training methodology that will be based on ICT multi-sensory educational resources and tools and assessment techniques

The aim of O2 is the development of a methodological framework on ICT tools and multi-sensory techniques for high quality teacher training based on the pedagogical framework of O1. The target audience of the training is in-service special teachers who work in mainstream or special schools.

The INTELed methodology that will be proposed, will include interactive resources and multimedia content with open access in the website.

The main objectives of the specification document are the following:

  • To define the basic knowledge, skills/competencies and dispositions (attitudes and behaviours) that the INTELed teachers need to develop
  • To establish a specification methodology that will match to the training objectives
  • To investigate and propose a set of tools and techniques that will serve the training model
  • To propose techniques of assessment for the effectiveness of the teacher training


Collection and Sharing of best practices in applying the INTELed method

A Collection of good practices in applying the INTELed method based on the pilot studies conducted by each partner will carry out in secondary schools and evaluation results.

At least 2 good practice from each partner country will be documented in the form of Interactive Multimedia with text/narration and video elements. These good practices will be the testimony of the Piloting phase carry on and shared experience.