Sara Villagrá, from the UVa team (in Spain) attended the XXVII National Congress on Educational Technology in Santander, Spain, 27-28th June 2019. Sara participated in the session “Technologies to foster social and educational inclusion”. This paper introduces the INTELed TPD approach held in Spain in where 25 Primary school teachers were involved and provided some insights about the evaluation of this approach by the identification of potential educational benefits and the teachers’ concerns regarding the use of multisensorial tools as Kinems and Kinect in real scenarios.

Villagrá-Sobrino, S., Fernández-Faúndez, E., Jiménez Ruiz, M., García Sastre, S (2019). La formación del profesorado en la aplicación de tecnologías multisensoriales desde un enfoque inclusivo. Proceedings XXVII Jornadas Universitarias de Tecnología Educativa. Santander, 27-28 de Junio de 2019. (in Spanish).