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INTELed in Action

INTELed aims to support special and general education teachers in acquiring knowledge and skills about the use of multi-sensory technology for learning and assessment, for addressing the needs of SEN children in inclusive education contexts. This is obtained through an innovative training method, driven by theories of embodied cognition, research on embodied learning, and the premise of multi-sensory technologies.

Embodied learning is a contemporary pedagogical approach to learning which emphasizes the use of the body in the educational practice. Put simply, the idea behind the pedagogical theory of embodied learning is that the body plays a significant role in shaping the mind.

The approach is gaining momentum due to the appearance of innovative and affordable interactive technological interfaces that enable new forms of interaction between humans and computers.

Embodied learning has been largely embraced in special and inclusive educational settings, given that the characteristics of technological embodied interfaces fit well with the needs of children with motor impairments, Autistic Syndrome Disorder, ADHD, and other mental disabilities.