The INTELed Teacher Professional Development Programme (TPD) has been successfully enacted and completed
in Athens, Greece.

In Greece, twenty (20) special and general education teachers had a unique opportunity to participate in the
INTELed training, which aimed at supporting them in acquiring knowledge and skills about the use of
multi-sensory and embodied technologies in inclusive educational contexts.

The first training session was organized on Saturday 13th of October in Athens (Eugenides Foundation), with 20
participants, mainly teachers and special education professionals. At first there was a brief presentation of the
project and its objectives. The training focused on the main principles of designing personalized sessions for
children with disabilities with the use of embodied technology. To this purpose there was a presentation on the
use of Kinect games in the classroom, so that the participants understand the concept of embodied technology.
The participants had the opportunity to work on specific scenarios with worksheets, collaborate and exchange

The second training session was organized on Saturday 24th of November in Athens (Divani Palace Acropolis
Hotel), with 18 participants. This training was focused to the INTELed pedagogical framework and the
methodology that will be used to the piloting in schools. Within this training, teachers were asked to work on
authentic scenarios for mathematics and language, in order to design a teaching session with the use of specific

The final part of the trainings was organized in groups, per schools. The first two schools that will participate in
the piloting, attended a personalized training on Thursday 13th of December, in the premises of the University of
Piraeus. The personalized training of the next group (one school) took place on January 10th while the training
of the final group (two more schools) took place for on January 25th, 2019. Within these meetings, the special
teachers of the two schools, presented the profile of the children that will participate in the piloting and were
given useful material for organizing their teaching session (templates of observation sheet, and of the teaching
design). Also they had the Kinect games programme installed on their school’s laptop so they will be able to use
it in their teaching sessions.

In Greece, the INTELed training programme has been organized and successfully delivered by the members of the the CosyLLab research team of the University of Piraeus.