The Spanish Multiplier Event took place on October 8th, 2019, with the title “Educational inclusion supported by multisensory devices. Challenges and results of the INTELed project”. 


The event took place at the Hedy Lamarr Hall at the School of Computer Engineering, University of Valladolid, Spain, and lasted for three hours, between 17:00-20:00. The event had been widely disseminated in press, social networks as well as via direct invitation through email messages to the list of contacts that had been already built by the UVa team at the beginning of the project. The teachers, who have participated in the INTELed training programme, had also disseminated the event in their networks. Sixty persons registered to the event, out of which 46 attended this closing session. Most of the participants were teachers related to special education and  other interested stakeholders related to teacher training and educational inclusion institutions. 


The event was opened by Benjamín Sahelices, Director of the School of Computer Engineering, and by D. Agustín Sigüenza,  General Director of Vocational Training and Educational Equity, as the maximum authority in charge of the issues related to special education in our Regional Government. 


The first part of the event consisted in the dissemination of the intellectual outputs and results of the project, as these were presented by the project coordinator at UVa, Alejandra Martínez Monés. In the second part, five of the teachers who had participated in the INTELed training programme presented their experiences, sharing with the public their motivations to participate in the project, a description of their INTELed school pilots enacted in their classrooms, as well as an analysis of the affordances and limitations of technology-enhanced embodied learning, in order to make the project’s philosophy more widespread. The audience showed great interest in the presentations of the INTELed teachers. The last talk of the evening was delivered by Henar Rodríguez, an expert in educational inclusion, who presented her experience as Counsellor for the Spanish Ministry of Education in the previous year. The event concluded with a cocktail reception. During the cocktail reception, the participants had also the opportunity to try the INTELed embodied digital games. 


The event was disseminated via the twitter by GSIC EMIC as well as by two of the multiplier event participants; the first one was charge of the teacher training institution in our region (CEFIE) and the second one, a member of the special team for special education in the region of Castilla y León (CREECYL). The Spanish multiplier event was broadcasted in the Regional News (Canal 8) and in a weekly special issue devoted to Education in the regional edition of the ABC newspaper (to appear on October 16th, 2019). 

Opening session with the Director of the Computer Engineering School, the Director of Educational Training and Educational Equity of the Regional Government and the Coordinator of the INTELEd project at UVa.

Presentation of INTELEd results by the project coordinator at UVa

Teachers’ team coordinator presentation

Presentation by the physiotherapist.

Presentation by a kindergarten teacher. 

Presentation by a physical education teacher.

Demo of the embodied digital games used during the INTELed project.