The INTELed European project [INnovative Training via Embodied Learning and multi-sensory techniques for inclusive education] (, was successfully completed. The INTELed project, which was funded by the European Commission, was composed by four partners (Cyprus University of Technology, CESIE, University of Piraeus, University of Valladolid) in four countries (Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Spain).

The project was coordinated by the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) – Social Computing Research Center ( The scientific coordinator of the project was Dr. Andri Ioannou, Associate Professor at the Department of Multimedia & Graphic Arts as well as Research Director of the Cyprus Interaction Lab ( The CUT INTELed group was comprised of Dr. Yiannis Georgiou (Project manager), Professor Panayiotis Zaphiris, Dr. Panayiotis Kosmas, Mrs Nicoletta Pantela, and Mr Andreas Kitsis as well as Dr. Agni Stylianou-Georgiou from University of Nicosia with an advisory role during the project.

The main aim of the INTELed project was to support in-service teachers in acquiring knowledge and skills about the use of embodied and interactive multi-sensory techniques for learning and assessment, for addressing the needs of Special Education (SEN) children in inclusive educational settings. In turn, the overarching goal of the project is the integration of these techniques in the school classrooms, thus contributing in students’ academic, social and emotional development.

All the goals which were set in the context of the INTELed European project were successfully achieved as follows:

  • Development of a pedagogical framework for initiative SEN education driven by theories of embodied cognition and kinaesthetic learning.
  • Development of a methodological framework for training in-service teachers on ICT multi-sensory techniques for learning and assessment.
  • Development of educational resources for SEN teacher training, under the license of creative commons.
  • Implementation of training events for in-service SEN teachers.
  • Validation of the acquired knowledge and skills via pilot studies in authentic school environments by a total of 83 in-service teachers. 
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the method on student skill development via pilot studies with the participation of 877 students.
  • Dissemination activities and multiplier events for the promotion of the INTELed method at the partner countries.
  • Establishment and sustainability of a CoP around INTELed, pushing for upgrades in teacher training.
  • Wider dissemination activities, such participation in conferences, for the promotion of INTELed at the international level.

Achieving all the goals of the project was a collective effort. Therefore, we would like to thank all the teachers from Cyprus and their students who participated in the European project INTELed, as well as their school units for the excellent cooperation as follows: Giorgos Adamou (1st Primary School of Ypsonas), Konstantina Akroteriadou, (Public & Communal Nursery School at Tseri), Alexia Alexandrou (Primary School Agiou Ioanni Malountas) Klelia Anayiotou (Primary School of Episkopi), Marina Vasileiadou (Nursery schools of Potamia, Mathiatis, Alambra, Dali), Maria Vasileiou (Primary School of Parekklisia), Efi Darreiou (Primary school of Agios Spyridonas Strovolou), Maria Thrasivoulou (1st Primary School of Lakatamia), Marianna Ioannou (Primary School of Kathari), Vasiliki Kallinou (Children’s learning center), Zoe Kaouri (9th Primary School of Limassol), Stella Konia-Adamou (Primary School of Pano Polemidia), Christos Lysiotis (Primary School of Trimiklini), Georgia Michael (2nd Primary School of Ormidia), Polyvios Mylonas (Evaggelismos Special School), Neofytos Neofytides (6th Primary School of Limassol), Aggelos Nikolaou (Primary School of Trimiklini), Nikolina Nikolaou (Special School of Nicosia), Aggela Economou-Martin  (Primary School of Kathari), Akis Panayiotides (19th Primary School of Limassol), Demetris Papademetriou (1st Primary School of Pafos), Ismini Partasi (7th Primary School of Limassol), Georgia Pelekanou (18th Primary School of Limassol), Nelli-Maria Sergidou (7th Primary School of Limassol), Panayiota Stergiou (Lighthouse Progressive Primary School & Primary School of Pano Polemidia), Paraskevi Sofokleous (1st Primary School of Limassol), Virginia Trillidou (2nd Primary School of Potamos Germasogeias), Maria Philippou (2nd Primary School of Xylotympou), Maria Philippou-Neophytou (Primary School of Kathari), Anastasia Hadjimathaiou (Primary School of Kiti).

We would also owe a special thank you to the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus and in particular to Mrs. Anastasia Economou (Head of the Educational Technology Department) and Mr. Christos Roussias (Officer at the Educational Technology Department) as well as to the Officers of the  Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes Mrs. Thekla Christodoulidou and Mrs. Polina Stavrou for their valuable support throughout the project. 

Last, we would like to thank wholeheartedly to our INTELed consortium partner as follows: Symeon Retalis (University of Piraeus), Theofili Sbrini (University of Piraeus), Valeria Aloizou (University of Piraeus), Alejandra Martínez Monés (University of Valladolid), Eva María Fernández Fáunde (University of Valladolid), Sara Villagrá (University of Valladolid), Laura La Scala (CESIE), Alberto Provenzano (CESIE), Irene Pizzo (CESIE) and Stefania Giambelluca (CESIE). Their contribution was a key aspect to the successful outcomes of the European INTELed project.

With the completion of the project, the partners involved in the INTELed consortium have launched an action plan aiming at the further dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of the findings derived during the European project. At the same time, the INTELed community of practice which has developed around the project remains active, continuing to attract new members and stakeholders who want to learn more about the embodied and kinaesthetic learning in inclusive educational settings.

For more information about the INTELed project:

Subsribe at the INTELed YouTube channel where you can find interactive material about the INTELed best practices (