This event was organized on the 24th of October at Divani Palace Acropolis, Greece, with the support of the “INnovative Training via Embodied Learning and multi-sensory techniques for inclusive Education” (INTELed) Erasmus+ Project, as part of the dissemination events. The main purpose of the event was to show and discuss the good practices and lessons learned from the efficient & effective application of technology-supported embodied game-based learning sessions to elementary school children with special educational needs by teachers after having completed the INTELed Teacher Professional Development (TDP) program. Findings from of the analysis of data gathered during the INTELed schools pilots carried out at Greek schools from January 2019 to June 2019 had been presented. All the participants pinpointed that mainstream schools can become a creative and empowering inclusion environments offering stimulating learning experienced to students with disabilities.

The program of the event included two parts:

i) In the first part Professor Symeon Retalis presented an overview of the INTELed project, the main achievements, the good practices and the experiences gained from performing the INTELed TPD program, as well as from the systematic application of the Kinems embodied learning platform for helping children with learning disabilities improve their skills. Moreover, participants had been encouraged to join the INTELed Online Community of Practice to find digital embodied learning applications and tools, learning/training resources and lesson plans on how to integrate embodied learning technologies in authentic educational settings.

ii) The second part contained hands-on activities encouraging the participants to design short lesson plans for incorporating embodied multi-sensory learning tools into authentic elementary classroom settings for achieving specific curriculum goals. They had also called to mix and match these tools with other tangible learning tools and printables that they have been using in their classrooms in order to create classroom environment with various learning stimuli.

Several teachers, therapists had been invited. 20 in-service teachers & therapists and public & private school directors attended the event who found it very useful and enjoyable.