Co-designing embodied learning games workshop


Co-designing embodied learning games with in-service teachers at the Cyprus Interaction Lab

On March 24th and March 31st two co-design meetings were held at the Cyprus Interaction Lab of
the Cyprus University of Technology, with a local group of in-service teachers.

During the first co-design meeting the teachers were introduced to the INTELed project, its goals
and its philosophy. In addition, the teachers were also introduced to a set of two prototypes of
embodied digital games developed by the Cyprus Interaction Lab for the purposes of the INTELed
project and were asked to participate in a sequence of activities for providing their feedback. In
particular, during the first meeting the teachers had the opportunity to test the embodied digital
games, taking the role of learners, as well as to provide their suggestions for the games’ further
improvement and integration into inclusive educational settings.

During the second co-design meeting the teachers were asked to work on reforming the traditional
curriculum and developing two integration scenarios (one scenario for the integration of each
embodied digital game in inclusive educational settings). As part of this meeting the teachers
resulted in the development of a coherent lesson plan structured around each embodied digital
game for addressing the needs of both their general and special education students for the
promotion embodied and motion-based learning in inclusive education.
Overall the co-designs meetings were characterized of high motivation and we owe a special thank
you to our INTELed in-service teachers at Cyprus.