Bubble game – Polimi Games


The clinical goal of this game is to improve children speed and accuracy of movements and motor-visual coordination between visual elements. The body parts which can be used are head, one or two hands, one or two feet. The children have to catch as many appearing objects as possible. They are free to play until time expires; at the end of the game the resulting score is shown on screen, representing the total number of collected objects.

All games are strongly customizable according to the characteristics and learning needs of the specific child that plays with the system. This feature leads to a large number of playing opportunities even within the same game. The customization can be done by the therapist during the treatment sessions or by the children’s parents at home, due to the simplicity and ease of use of the configuration functions and interface. The most relevant parameters that can be modified are game speed, object density and enabled body parts. Games can also be personalized using different graphic themes for background and graphic elements or adding specific multimedia reward. The games automatically collect the scores obtained by players and the information relative to the played configuration, and generate a session report that can be used to evaluate or tune the treatment.

Provider/ Suite: M4ALL


Skill Domain: Motor-sensory skills


Special needs / School ages: Primary school


Language: English


Cost: Free download


Equipment : Kinect camera


System Requirement : CPU: Intel i3 / AMD A6 Memory: 4 Gb RAM Hard drive: 1Gb of free space Graphics hardware: Geforce 210 / AMD HD 5450 with 1GB RAM and DirectX 11.0 compatible Sound hardware: Integrated soundboard MS Kinect sensor: Kinect for Windows TM