The “Bilisius” game fosters child’s ability to quickly identify the larger set of colored marbles without counting. The child becomes a magician who sidewalks and tries to solve exercises. The child sees a cluster of two sets of yellow and blue marbles and has to quickly decide (without having enough time to count) which set has more marbles than the other by moving the body left or right to the appropriate colored small carpet.

Goal (description)

This game strengthens the children’s visual perception, promotes the ability to make rapid, accurate, and confident judgments.

Provider/ Suite: Kinems


Skill Domain: Academic, Cognitive and motor-sensory skills


Subject: Mathematics


Special needs / School ages: Kindergarten;                                                            Primary school (4 to 8 years old)


Language: English, Greek, and Spanish


Cost: Paid


Equipment: Kinect camera


System Requirement: Kinect for Windows sensor
Windows 7 or newer operating system
Dual-core 2 GHz or faster processor
1 GB free disk space
Dedicated USB 2.0 bus
External graphics card (preferred)