INnovative Training via Embodied Learning and multi-sensory techniques for inclusive Education [INTELed] 2017-2019

According to the European policy agenda ‘Changes in education and society place new demands on the teaching profession […], classrooms now contain a more heterogeneous mix of young people from different backgrounds and with different levels of ability and disability […]. These changes require teachers not only to acquire new knowledge and skills, but also to develop them continuously’.

Initial teacher training (teacher preparation programmes) rarely prepares teachers for working in the diverse classroom with SEN students. Teachers lack knowledge and skills on the use of innovative technology available today, which can create new learning opportunities for ALL INTELed aims to advance teachers’ professional development, supporting teachers in delivering high quality teaching within complex classroom realities.

INTELed aims to support special and general education teachers in acquiring knowledge and skills about the use of multi-sensory technology for learning and assessment, for addressing the needs of SEN children in inclusive education contexts. This will be obtained through an innovative training method, driven by theories of embodied cognition, research on embodied learning, and the premise of multi-sensory technologies. The method will be accompanied by evidence of its effectiveness through pilot studies in schools at the four partner-countries. The partners will work on presenting the pedagogical framework, the training model and instructional materials, and the procedures for implementation and evaluation. The project aims to form a sustainable Community of Practice (CoP) around the INTELed method.