On Wednesday, February 26th 2019, a seminar took place at the 1st Primary school of Limassol, Cyprus, in the context of the INTELed European project (https://www.inteled.org/).

The seminar was co-organized by the Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology  (CIL, https://www.cyprusinteractionlab.com) and the Research center on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies (RISE, http://rise.org.cy) and was delivered successfully by Dr Yiannis Georgiou (Post-Doctoral Researcher, Project Manager) and Mrs Nicoletta Pantela (Research Associate).

The seminar was attended by all the teachers of the primary school. During the seminar the teachers were introduced to the INTELed Teacher Professional Development programme, its philosophy and goals as well as, to the pedagogical framework of embodied learning. As part of the seminar, the participating teachers had the opportunity to gain a better understanding on the role of embodied learning technologies in promoting academic outcomes and equal opportunities for all students, under the umbrella of inclusive education.

Special thanks to the school principal Mrs Sofia Mavroudi-Constantinou for the invitation and great hospitality, as well as to Mrs Paraskevi Sofokleous for her participation in the INTELed Teacher Professional Development programme and her efforts to introduce technology-enhanced embodied learning via a sequence of school pilots at the 1st Primary school of Limassol. Also, a great thank you to the rest of the school teachers who attended the seminar and embraced the ideas of the project in their classrooms.

INTELed aims to support special and general education teachers in acquiring knowledge and skills about the use of embodied learning technologies for addressing the needs of SEN children in inclusive education contexts. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and is coordinated by the Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology, under the scientific coordination of Dr Andri Ioannou.